One of the best ways to beat the heat and provide a nice accent for the interior of your home at the same time is with Interior Retractable Shade. Our Interior shades come in a variety of designer colors and will fit in almost any opening.

One of the added benefits of an Interior Retractable Shade is not only its ability to cool down any living space but they also help to avoid sun damage to your furniture and carpets. In addition, they can be activated by remote control so you can operate one or all of them with the push of a button.

Our Interior Retractable Shades also have commercial applications. They can be installed anywhere from a large office building or complex to a small store front window. Interior shades can also be manufactured with your logo or a printed message, giving you added marketing value while also cooling down your space for your customers, not to mention the added savings to your energy costs.


* Sun Sensor
* Remote Control
* Aluminum Fascia
* Blackout Tracks
* Home Automation Integration
* Recess Pockets
* Customized Printing